Indiana BrewHaus Radio, Season 3 Episode 7 Part 3 - Ron Smith


Ok folks. This is the final of a three part episode that we did with Ron Smith (BJCP Master Judge, Cicerone, World Traveler, etc). This is where things get interesting. At this point it really just becomes us tasting different beers. Nate attempts to hold the show together and we get to taste some 5 year old Orval! I hope you enjoy this episode!


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Indiana BrewHaus Radio Season 3, Episode 7 Part 2 - Ron Smith


Hey Hop Heads!

This is part 2 of the Ron Smith interview. This is some truly fine and enlightening entertainment! I am serious. He is WAAAAYY smarter than everyone else in the room, at least about beer. Sit back and enjoy your weekend with a cold one and listen to the next installment of Indiana BrewHaus Radio.
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Indiana BrewHaus Radio, Season 3, Episode 7 Part 1 - Ron Smith


Hey Guys!

This week we sat down with Ron Smith, Cicerone, BJCP Certified Judge, Beer Educator, World Traveler and very interesting fellow. This week we had so much content that we had to split it into parts! This is part one, where we talk about some of what it means to be a cicerone, clean glassware, judging and we start tasting some seriously delicious craft beers from Bloomington Brewing, Three Floyds, Upland, Carsons Brewing and a French Beer I cannot possibly pronounce! Be sure to check this out because part 2 and 3 are soon to follow!!!


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Indiana BrewHaus Radio, Season 3, Episode 6, Joe from Cavalier Distributing


Hey Kids!!

This week on Indiana BrewHaus Radio we talk with Joe Walsh from Cavalier Distributing, a craft beer distributor here in Indianapolis. We talk about the Three Tier System for distributing alcohol. We talk about doing unspeakable things to a beloved summer seasonal. And we broadcast for the first time in the "Secret" Boom-Boom Room in the heart of Broad Ripple Village. Special congrats to Bill Jimerson on the birth of his first daughter!


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The Taste vs. The Experience


Ben decided it was high time you heard him speak about a topic he/we is/are passionate about, conserving the sanctity of beer. Check him out in this rant about it.


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Indiana BrewHaus Radio, Season 3, Episode 5, The Brick Shirt House


Greetings T-shirt lovers!!

This week Alex from Brick Shirt House joins us on the show and talks about building his apparel company around the craft beer market. We taste beer from Milwaukee and Bill tells us about the difference between different types of malts as well as what lovibond means. At one point we actually give parenting advice... SCARY!!

For more on Brick Shirt House go to
Catch Bill's April Fools Podcast of Indy Beer News at
For More info on getting an IBH shirt, email me at


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Indiana BrewHaus Radio, Season 3, Episode 4, Scarlet Lane Brewing


Hey out there craft beer lovers!!

This week we are fortunate enough to have the lovely ladies from Scarlet Lane Brewing, the new brewery-in-planning in McCordsville, IN. This week we talk about the Hunahpu release from Cigar City Brewing and the Dark Lord Day madness from 3 Floyds. Bill talks about some tips for making your own hard cider and we learn about some new events from Girls Pint Out of Indiana!!

Cheers Kids!!

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Indiana BrewHaus Radio, Season 3, Episode 3: Skip from Chilly Water



This week we took the show on the road to Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery! Our guest this week is Skip Duvall from Chilly Water Brewing, the newest addition coming to Fletcher Place Neighborhood. We talk about being annoyingly drunk in public, wrestling bears and smoking legal weed. I hope you all enjoy this live-recorded version of the show as we hope to do more in the future!


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Indiana BrewHaus Radio, Season 3, Episode 2: Three Pints Brewpub


Attention craft beer lovers!

This episode contains stories of family, food and... dead opossums... This week on Indiana BrewHaus Radio we talk with our friends over at Three Pints Brewpub in Plainfield, IN. Tom, Kyle and Scott are on the show this week talking about future plans for a brewery and brought along a few of their house beers to share. So sit back, pop a cold craft beer and enjoy this weeks episode of Indiana BrewHaus Radio!!



Indiana BrewHaus Radio, Season 3, Episode 1: Wabash Brewing


This is a great episode to geek out on! This week we talk with the guys from Wabash Brewing Company, a brewery-in-the-planning for Indy's Northwest side. We are really excited about this episode because we talk about more of the science behind beer. These guys know their stuff and are sure to bring the geek out in you!


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PS. We will update our Facebook page as this brewery develops. We want to keep you guys on the forefront!

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